Building Mission-Driven Companies


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About the Founder


Anne Oudersluys


Core Impact was founded by Anne Oudersluys in 2018. Anne has a passion for purposeful business, where an organization’s growth and social impact go hand in hand.  Anne has over 13 years of brand management experience at Procter and Gamble designing and marketing social impact programs that generate business value.  She has worked on Pantene, Herbal Essences and the P&G corporate brand. Her work has included launching purpose-driven products, developing P&G’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, running marketing for P&G’s largest global non-profit program, creating new social impact business models, and serving as the company’s cause marketing expert.

As owner of Core Impact, Anne works with purpose driven companies and non-profits to share their good story in a way that builds the business. She has experience with start-ups to global corporations developing strategies, programs and marketing that integrate social impact and sustainability into the business strategy.




  • Mission Driven Companies outperform those only focused on short-term profits or shareholder return.

  • The good a business does should be sustainably embedded into it’s core business, not something separate or short-term.

  • Telling your good story is essential, and should be part of your brand communications. Not only does it help your customers and employees reward you, it also raises the expectations for other businesses.

  • Customers want to buy from brands that make a difference.

  • Employees want to work for companies that have a greater purpose beyond making money.

  • There’s nothing wrong with growing your business through doing good, in fact, that’s how businesses should grow.


why work with core impact



•    We focus specifically on socially-conscious brands.

•       We have client-side experience running a business, so we understand the practical challenges of how to take an idea from concept to implementation, keeping in mind the essential focus on business results.

•       We are experts in balancing benefit and mission messaging across marketing touchpoints.

•       We have nearly a decade of environmental and social responsibility expertise to evaluate claims, understand non-profit and stakeholder landscape, and evaluate partnerships.

•      We have a flexible project model. We customize your project and can fit into your existing agency and work processes.