Building Mission-Driven Companies


We work with mission driven organizations from start-ups to large companies who want to have a positive social impact as they grow their business.


We hold workshops ranging from 1-3 days in length. Based on your objectives, we will tailor proven methods to your unique business need.


Customized Projects

For those with longer term strategy and implementation needs, we will customize a project for your business. Projects typically range from one to six months in length.


Strategy Consultations

For businesses and individuals looking for a shorter consultation, we offer 1 hour strategy calls. We can provide input on any of the topics listed below.



Purpose Driven Marketing

It’s challenging to execute a marketing strategy that communicates both a product benefit and a social mission.  We can help you at any point on this journey, whether it’s developing your brand purpose, defining brand positioning, crafting a brand messaging strategy, or developing a marketing plan.  We help you reduce risks of “greenwashing” and consumer skepticism, helping your brand be more loved for the positive impact you are having.   


Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Strategy

 For companies seeking to define a comprehensive strategy in the space of sustainability and social responsibility, we customize a plan for you. Starting with an internal and external landscape assessment, we understand your industry dynamics, business challenges, core competencies and competitive landscape. Then we design workshops to create a strategy and action plan for your business. Pulling in experts on relevant topics, we focus the plan on your unique business needs.  


Business Strategy incorporating Social Impact

Whether you’re an established business or a start-up, we help you refine your business model, intentionally focusing on the social and environmental impacts within your core business.  Leveraging Business Model Canvas ™ and Lean Canvas™, we then apply a social impact lens. The output identifies the impact you already deliver, and then gives you a road map to grow both your impact and your business.


Social Responsibility Program Design

With a clear purpose or strategy in place, we can help you design a program that delivers social impact and business value.  Whether you’re looking to engage employees, offer your products or services to the community, develop supplier programs, or create a cause marketing program, we can help craft a program that meets your business and social objectives.  


Company Purpose & Mission

A strong Purpose or Mission can lay the foundation for sustainable growth of any company. However, a great purpose is not created, it’s articulated. Our process uses interviews with employees, stakeholders and experts to articulate why your company exists, what value it adds to society, and practical ways to bring it to life through strategic decision-making, communications and programs.